Owl Brewing Co. Regular Brews

Owl Brewing Company has a capacity of 10 brewers barrels (360 gallons) per week in two 5 barrel brewlengths.

All our ales are filled into 9 gallon casks for use with traditional cask racks and traditional tops.


Greenacres Gold

Pale honey coloured bitter.  Well bittered, with good body texture.  Rich, slightly fruity palate.  ABV 4.2%

Horny Owl

Dark bitter, with a deep reddish body colour.  Well bittered with a complex fruity palate. ABV 3.8%

Night Owl

Dark heavy porter.  Well bittered, with chocolate and black malt.  Deep, rich, for espresso lovers.  ABV 4.2%

Russett Owl

Traditional "Yorkshire Bitter" style, more heavily bittered, with a complex palate and depth of flavour.  A medium coloured session bitter.  ABV 4.2%

Yon Owl

Very pale, lightly textured beer.  Hopped with Fuggles and Hallertau Hersbrucker to give a light but bitter palate.  ABV 3.8%

Owl O.B. Bitter

Brewed from a partial recipe as a homage to the former Oldham Brewery's Bitter. 

Watch this space for special and seasonal ales.


Great Horny Owl

A Seasonal variation on the Horny Owl brewed stronger with added cinnamon for that warm winter glow.




Currently On Tap at the Hope Inn Currently Available in 9 Gallon Casks Maturing Available Soon
Yon Owl Y Y  
Greenacres Gold      
Russet Owl      
Owl OB Bitter      
Horny Owl      
Night Owl Y Y  
Great Horny Owl Y Y